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Brand Documentary Magazine No 38 Patagonia. Compendium Design Store, Fremantle. AfterPay, ZipPay accepted.
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Designer: Magazine B
Category: Magazines

Brand Documentary Magazine No 38 Patagonia

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Brand Documentary Magazine No 38 Patagonia

Patagonia, an outdoor clothing brand with an environmental focus, was founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, who since 1964 had been manufacturing pitons (metal anchors used in rock climbing) that would not damage the rock. While insisting on offering the best quality, the brand has contributed to a sustainable society and natural environment by developing eco-friendly materials and returning 1% of its sales back to society. Patagonia has redefined the role of a company and it continues to inspire the outdoor industry and the world.

Brand, balance, and perspective. 

B Magazine dedicates each issue to the story of one specific brand, which is one of the well-balanced brands that JOH. discovers from around the world based on four standards: beauty, practicality, price, and philosophy. And each issue is packed with B™s unique insights and in-depth analysis. 


B Magazines receives no advertising profits or financial support from the brands it introduces. 


  • COMMENTS Comments and views about Patagonia on websites and in social media
  • LINEUP Businesses Patagonia’s products consist of outdoor clothing and gear, food, and publications
  • INNER SPACE Environment The quintessence of Patagonia as revealed in the brand’s products
  • INTO THE HQ Ventura Ventura, the birthplace of Patagonia, shares some resemblance with the brand
  • OPINION Matt Stoecker, environmentalist
  • PARTNERS Collaboration Patagonia seen from the perspective of its partners
  • REUSE Campaign Patagonia adds value to its products through the spirit of recycling
  • OPINION Bellinda Baggs and Adam Kobayashi, professional surfers
  • LIVE SIMPLY Value Consumption The consumption trends, lifestyles, and values of Patagonia users and supporters
  • OPINION Masamichi Toyama, President of Smiles, parent company of Pass the Baton
  • BRAND TO BRAND Resemblance Other brands sharing Patagonia’s philosophy are frequently used by Patagonia lovers
  • INFLUENCE Commitment Other brands influenced by Patagonia, or sharing Patagonia’s philosophy
  • B’S CUT Nature Sustained The breath of nature in Patagonia products
  • BRAND STORY The Patagonia story has unfolded under founder Yvon Chouinard’s philosophy of cherishing nature
  • PATAGONIA CAMPUS Everyday scenes from the Patagonia campus
  • HEADQUARTERS Interviews with employees from different departments provide a broad understanding of the brand
  • CEO INTERVIEW Rose Marcario, President and CEO of Patagonia
  • 20 MILLION & CHANGE 20 Million & Change, an investment fund for ventures promoting social and environmental values
  • CONTRIBUTION Major CSR activities conducted by Patagonia to benefit the environment and society
  • YVON CHOUINARD A discourse with Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia
  • FIGURES The results achieved by Patagonia’s diverse CSR activities
  • FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF The Editor in Chief offers his observations on Patagonia’s core values.

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